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Vintage inspired original oil and acrylic paintings , Canvas and Fine art prints and stationary.

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About the Artist

Waterloo ,Ontario based artist Salma Nasreldin , Creator of SamArtisan , earned BFA from  University of Alexandria,Egypt in 2007 after studying Interior Design and Major in Expressive Arts .

Served as an art teacher and later on head of the Art and design department  in an international high school. Moved to Canada in 2013 where she was blessed with 2 kids and a chance to pursuit a career as a professional visual artist.


I am continually inspired by the portrait and human form and by the complexity and subtlety of emotion conveyed through a simple pose or gesture.

I enjoy presenting subtle emotions through a simple pose while occasionally taking away the context in an abstract manner.

My paintings emphasize visual impact over narrative context, focusing on the subtle orchestration of my subject within a framework of design. I create a deliberate push-and-pull between near-photorealistic detail and my own vocabulary of visual glitches that challenge that very realism. This duality is central to my work and allows the figures I paint to remain wholly representational while functioning abstractly - evoking emotion without defining it "



2019All Canadian Handmade show ,Kitchener  
2019Woolwich Art at the park,Woolwich
2019 Art Takeover pop up market  -Belmont Village,Kitchener
2019 Etsy Made in Canada in Kitchener
2019 Arts and Crafts show by the Waterloo Times local Newspaper
2019 Uptown Waterloo Art Market 
2018 Woolwich Art in the Park
2018 Uptown Waterloo Art Market (3 summer shows)
2018 Etsy Made in Canada - Kitchener city hall
2016 One month Display at Central public library of Mississauga
2016 Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition
2016 Art at the work place, McMaster Innovation Park
2016 Craftadian Show in Hamilton
2016 Craftadian Show in Mississauga
2016 Visual art Mississauga members show and Sale
2015 Portrait and Selfies, Visual Arts Mississauga Center, Mississauga, ON
2015 Festivals and celebrations, Visual Arts Mississauga Center, Mississauga, ON
2012 21st international youth salon, Art center of the Cairo Opera House, Cairo
2011 6th international youth salon, Atelier of Alex, Alexandria, Egypt
2005 Rotary Exhibition “Peace “, Alexandria sporting Club, Alexandria
2004 Workshop Exhibition, Al-Horeya Center for creative arts, Alexandria
2003 Workshop Exhibition, Al-Horeya Center for creative arts, Alexandria
2001 The Fall Show, Museum of Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria

Paintings in Acrylic and oil for various individuals in Canada , USA and Egypt.