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Every wall has a story

Salma Nasreldin


Luxury is a personal philosophy defying a single definition. For some , it’s having fresh flowers every week ,embroidered linens , or clean unencumbered spaces. Whatever your style , if you decorate with Authenticity and conviction , it will be evidenced in every last life-enhancing detail . I can’t think of anything more satisfying , can you?

Marie Antoinette inspired gallery wall

It’s imperative that your interests , what sparks your curiosity , the items you collect in your travels and the fruits of your hobbies become critical components of your decorating’s these items that distinguish your rooms from others and allow you to be unique and to live freely and without inhibition .

In short , Your room should reflect your unique personality.

“You can never be too rich or too thin or have too much blue and white “ Babe Paley 

Toile du jouy Fabric chair and Ginger Jar turned into vase
I have been in love with “Blue and White China “ AKA Chinoiserie since forever . Tried to incorporate them in so many decorating projects while in interior design school and officially started collecting them when I was decorating my first home back in Egypt in 2011.

Settling in  Canada in 2013 , moving between 3 houses until we found our current home in Waterloo , ON, I slowly started a new collection of blue and white plates , tea pots and my favorite , Ginger Jars.

Originally a vessel for storing precious spices in ancient China , the beloved ginger jar long ago shrugged off its utilitarian purpose . It’s a design classic , irresistibly shapely and decorative in all its blue and white glory.

“When in doubt about what to put on a chest , I use two big ginger jars with something decorative in the middle .”Leta Austin Foster

Now let's move on to this wall tribute to Marie Antoinette.

The 2 small oval frames were wooden , gold finish and in mint condition . The bows on top were so "Rococo " and the perfect match for my "Marie Antoinette "Theme wall. They  were a lucky find in a great thrift store called Thrift on kent (
It's a Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) thrift shop in Kitchener-Waterloo. 100% of their profits support the work of MCC locally and around our world. you can find more info about them in . Beautiful wooden frames in excellent condition that inspired me to create a painting just for them. 
The Initials MA painting is inspired from the delicate ornaments on Marie Antoinette's headboard in Queen's apartment in Chateaux de Versailles .

The larger oval frame was revamped in rose gold to match the romantic soft mood , see old pieces don't have to look dated!

The 2nd oval contains a print from an original I made and sold in Last year's collection. I loved adding a pop of color and a different subject that matched the whole theme. Art prints make a good-affordable - alternative for original art and luckily this is an Art greeting card size 5x7" that fit perfectly.

The master piece and main focal point of the collection is of course the original oil painting in the middle titled "The letter".
When I saw that scene at the movie I was mesmerized with its beauty. The perfect choice of dress against the remarkable fabric covered wall in her majesty's apartment in Versailles , just overwhelming with delicacy bringing the room into full bloom.

Creating an eye catching display doesn't come from playing it safe. Let your instinct guide you and trust your design choices . Who says you have to play by the rules when you are decorating?

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